An Auto Locksmith is a Specialist Service – How to Become One

If you require an auto-lock key replacement, can your lock be opened by a trained and certified Auto Locksmith? If the vehicle lock is damaged/broken/fused/stuck, or lost, a qualified Auto Locksmith will be able to assist with providing a new car key, replace damaged remote keys, provide a new keyless remote or replace lost car locks.

Auto Locksmith

In general, a qualified Auto Locksmith is licensed to practice, and carry out their services in one of two ways: as an Independent Professional Locksmith (IPL) or as a Licensed Security Locksmith (LSL). It is important to note that there are two different types of IPL licenses; an Independent Licensing Scheme (ISL) license is issued by the General Locksmiths Association (GLA), whilst a Security Licensing Scheme (SLS) license is issued by the Security Locksmiths Board (SLSB) which is a non-profit body established by the Association of Security Locksmiths (ASL). Each of these licensing bodies requires that they undertake a professional competence and training program before they are able to carry out such an important service. As a further requirement, an independent Licensed Security Locksmith must be a member of a professional body, such as the Society of Independent Locksmiths, or an organization recognized by the Society of Security Locksmiths (SSL) or the Institute of Security Technicians (ISET).

As a Licensed Security Locksmith, you will have access to a large amount of information concerning your type of Locksmith service, and you will also have good training in relation to the specific industry. As an Independent Licensed Locksmith you will only be allowed to carry out the services that are specifically allowed under the UK Locksmith Act. This is a complex piece of legislation, and while there are a number of guides that outline the relevant sections of the act and which service providers are legal, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they read and understand these materials.

There are also a number of professional bodies within the Locksmith industry who conduct independent audits, and tests, and these tests will help ensure that all Licensed Security Locksmiths are up to a standard. This helps to prevent any unnecessary negligence on the part of the company and ensures that the correct qualifications are being carried out.

In order to become a Licensed Security Locksmith (ISL) you must have the following qualifications; at least four years’ experience in the locksmith field and the qualification of a qualified Professional Locksmith or ASL. You must also have completed an accredited Basic Locksmith Training Course and must pass an examination, which includes passing all practical and written examinations.

The course may include basic courses in basic locksmith techniques and basic courses in basic locksmithing procedures, both of which should include theoretical study. Other training may also include working in a range of different environments, including automotive, residential and commercial locksmith work. Once you have completed this training, you will then be ready to train for an ISL license by taking a practical examination, which is known as the ISL examination.