How to Fix Your Dryer Door

Most people know that dryer doors can become badly damaged from being repeatedly slammed against them. This is probably the most common complaint with dryer doors, especially for newer models. Like so many home appliances, many new dryers are provided with an automatic safety switch that prevents the device from working unless the door is latched and closed. Unfortunately, sometimes the door simply seems to suddenly pop open mid-cycle, closing the motor and (often) leaving the user without a way to stop the drying cycle.

This is where door repair comes into play. You may not even realize that the dryer door has become damaged, but having this repair done can make a huge difference in the way you can use your dryer. For some simple dryer door repair, it is possible to get the door working again without hiring a professional and you won’t have to spend hours or days trying to figure out what went wrong.

A simple thing to try is to pull the dryer up as far as it will go. The lower door should be able to remain closed while you pull up the door to its highest level. From there, take a pair of small scissors and cut away a small amount of the dryer insulation.

There is no secret to dryer door repair, but it is important to make sure that the damaged area is properly sealed up. If it has not been treated prior to the door becoming damaged, the repair may cause some serious damage to the dryer door and in the long run, this may cost you more money. Using compressed air is usually a good way to repair a badly damaged dryer door. Make sure to wear goggles when doing this because the fumes from the compressed air can be quite toxic.

To repair a severely damaged door, you may want to consider having a professional do the repair for you. However, this may cost more than repairing a dryer door yourself. Many repair shops offer a wide variety of tools and equipment to work on dryer doors at a price that you can afford, and will likely be much less than what you would pay for one repair at home improvement store or garage sale. If you decide that you want to tackle the repair yourself, keep these tips in mind.

The first step is to pull down the top part of the door. You may need to turn the dryer door off before you do this but if it is still open, you should be able to do it right after turning the dryer off. Check the circuit breaker of the dryer door to ensure that the circuit is in order. After checking the circuit breaker, turn on the dryer and wait for the drying cycle to complete.